Roles for converting traffic costs into jobs.
City Government Public Works State Government JPods Construction (Master Mobility Company®, MMC) Operating Company (Local Mobility Company, LMC)
Policy Adopt 5X5 Standard and Franchise Ordinance
Finance Utilize the 5% of revenues for the public good. Finance construction and operations until they are self-reliant. Backstop MMCs and LMCs. Buy certified guideways, repay from fare box, pay 5% of gross revenues for ROW use.
Design Enforce same ROW requirements as used for cell towers and coordinate moving utilities. Enforce ROW requirements. Certify to ASTM F24. Design for local needs.
Build Inspect and enforce standards. Build with capital to required standards.
Operate Inspect and enforce standards. Buy certified guideways, Repay from Farebox.
Maintain Enforce same ROW requirements as used for cell towers. Inspect and enforce standards. Sustain operations.
Regulate Enforce ROW and safety requirements associated with State Laws for ASTM F24. Certify designs and responsible for compliance. Certify Installation Maintain certification and insurance.